Tips: Hiring a catering company in Los Angeles

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What to look for?

An organizational caterer can become an indispensable part of your workflow in a busy office or event environment. So when using a caterer you want them to be focused on your order and to ensure delivery is on schedule. Many restaurants that offer catering just aren't built to accommodate the scheduling and quantity demands  catering orders. Today I'll try to outline a few key considerations when choosing your next caterer.

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1) Good Food

Though this may seem obvious, choose a caterer that tastes good. Bad food will leave your guests distracted. Some caterers will setup samplers for ongoing order services. Call and ask to try.  If it's not possible to taste the food, then take a few moments to check references and online reviews. The goal is to make the food complement and enhance your event. Nothing does that better than fresh and flavorful food. 

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2) Clean bill of health

Most major cities now publish restaurant health ratings online. Spend a few minutes to check out the caterer of your choice. A clean track record will ensure there won't be unpleasant surprises. 

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3) Experienced Delivery

Catering delivery in Los Angeles can be a tricky proposition. High rises, universities and large event centers offer the most difficulty for on premise delivery services. Tack on all the Los Angeles traffic, security checks at high rises and you have a recipe for late deliveries. The caterer you choose should use its own fleet of trained drivers who are familiar with the location you determine.  We don't recommend second hand online food delivery services or catering aggregators. They are not directly in control of your catering order, and are not in the direct service chain. This results in late deliveries, poor curbside drop-offs and general improper food handling. Instead choose a regional caterer who will have staff trained in the art of delivering food on time in Los Angeles. 

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4) Accountability

When developing a working relationship with a caterer, it's a good idea to make sure they offer an after sales service. There are only a handful of restaurants who will send an after sales survey to ensure that your order was complete, on time and as desired. Communication is key.  Work with a receptive restaurant to address issues early and easily.

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5) Dependable

Dependable catering service is crucial in organizational environments where timely starts to events is critical. Choose a catering company with a track record of timely delivery. You can do this by looking up the restaurants references, often listed on the caterers site.  You can call and ask if the restaurant tracks timeliness. If a restaurant is tracking delivery arrival times, it will mean they are concerned about dependability and deliverability. What we are looking for is someone who will be as concerned about your food and delivery as you are. 

Tooting our own horn

Well it’s that time in the article where we take a moment to toot our own horn. At Good Heart, our goal is to be the best caterer in LA for organizations. We've implemented special training, software and dedicated staff to ensure your orders are delicious, on time and affordable.  The points outlined above are a core to our operating philosophy. If you haven't yet, order online or give us a call to schedule your next delivery. 

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