Non-Profit & Corporate sponsorship Catering

Whether you're feeding homeless, donors or rewarding your amazing volunteers and staff, finding affordable and consistent catering on a budget is difficult. We at Good Heart Catering believe in your efforts and support your organization with a special non-profit discount. 

Get up to $500 dollars off of your order with our new Non-Profit Sponsorship Program. Please ask for details from your catering concierge. 

Organizing an event and feeding guests at a budget all the while satisfying the expectations of donors, your team and volunteers can be challenging if not outright impossible. At Good Heart Catering, we can help ease the event planning process. We can work within your budget and guest profile to put together a perfect meal. If you prefer we can work directly with your sponsors so it's one less item you have to worry about. Take the delicious and easy route with Good Heart Catering. 

Special Features for Non-Profits that ease the process. 


Non-profit discount

At Good Heart catering we believe in the work you are doing and extend a non-profit discount to all 501c3s. We will tag your account as a non profit and discounts automatically applied.  *churches/religious organizations do not qualify. 

Sales tax exemption

If your organization is tax exempt, we'll verify your ST-119 form and tag your account for tax-exempt checkout. 


Payment options

At Good Heart Catering we make billing really easy.  You can send us a check and after you complete your first purchase we can bill you at net 30 terms to make interfacing with your accounting rules a breeze.  

Catering Concierge

Our catering concierge is here to help with any aspect of your event dealing with food. They can plan and set a delivery up with just a single request. No need to deal with the details. 


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Make a memorable event with Good Heart Catering

We meet all your non-profit catering needs. 

We are fantastic at:

 Staff meals

 Feeding those less fortunate 

 Fundraisers, donor meetups

 Community events

Non-profits we work with in LA

Childrens Institute            


About Good Heart Catering

We are LA's premier organizational caterer with a focus on consistent and dependable service. We believe that the food we cook in our kitchen brings people together in a way that sparks innovation and conversation. Our goal is to offer you and your organization best in class catering, presented in an easy to order format. 

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We are proud of the service and value we deliver. 

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Crafted by our chefs, in our kitchen. Not a 3rd party. 

Timely delivery is a top priority

We understand the importance of your event and time schedules. Our primary concern is to get there in time to make your event flow smoothly. Our delivery staff and partners are trained in handling lunches and platters to ensure a delivery free from defects and on time. Each route is pre-planned and discussed prior to delivery to ensure no surprises. Trust Good Heart as your box lunch caterer in LA. 

Dependable Catering Delivery

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