How can I place an order

Placing an order is easy. You can place your order online and we will call you within 10 minutes to confirm your order and to arrange payment. You can also call and speak to one of our catering concierges to arrange your delivery in minutes. 323 505 6383 

Are utensils included?

Yes! We include all necessary utensils to enjoy your meals. *tablecloth not included

Can I schedule events in the future?

If you have several events or a multi-part event, simply schedule each one online or call in to have us prepare each of your deliveries. Orders can be setup up to six months in advance. Set it and forget it

How can I setup a business account?

Expensing receipts are a thing of the past with our business accounts. To setup a business account and receive direct billing, simply contact a catering concierge 323 505 6383 or use our contact form.

Delivery fee?

We don't charge a delivery fee. We simply ask that your orders meet our minimum. For most areas that minimum is 40 dollars, which is equivalent to one sandwich platter. Areas further away from our Wilshire location have higher minimums. Please contact a catering concierge for your areas details. 

When can I place my order?

We accomodate same day orders as received. 24 hours notice is recommended to ensure your delivery slot. If you wish to place your order when our restaurant is closed, place your order on-line and our concierge will contact you first thing the following business day. 

Is the packaging environmentally friendly?

We have made an effort at Good Heart to use sustainable packaging. Our sandwich boxes, sandwich platters and utensils are all biodegrable. Only a limited few of our items are made of plastic and we are actively look for replacements. A good earth makes good food. 

Where can I get a copy of my invoice?

You will first be e-mailed a quote then on request we can email you a copy of the invoice. If you have an online account, all documentation is available in the "My Account' section. Simply click and download any documentation you may need.  

What if my guests have allergies?

We make every effort to avoid cross contamination of our various ingredients. Good heart crafts each order from raw ingredients on shared equipment. Products may contain or come in contact with wheat, peanuts, milk, soy, eggs, tree nuts, fish and shellfish. We cannot guarantee that any given menu item is free of allergens. 

Service Fee

We apply a 15% service charge to all orders to cover the cost of utensils and package sent along with your order. We work hard to find the most recyclable and compostable packaging items to minimize the impact on our environment. 

Can I cancel my order?

Same day orders are not eligible for cancellation. 24 hour cancellation notice for all other orders. 50% charge for total cancellation of the order. 

I have more questions

Contact a catering concierge or use our contact form and we will be in-touch with you asap. 323 505 6383 or Contact Form