E3 Expo Catering Service

Good Heart delivers to E3 at the Convention Center in Los Angeles

Level up with our E3 Expo Catering Service!


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E3 is right around the corner, trust our catering service to deliver. 

Contact a catering concierge, or order on-line.

Transform your booth into a gathering

Good food always bring people together. 

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Good food has the amazing effect of bringing people together and opening the door to a great encounter. Our catering service will help your organization stand out in a crowded field during the show. Call a catering concierge and we can help you quickly put togther a package for your visitors. 

Rise and shine service

Energize your entire group and fuel engineers brains with our delicious breakfast service.  Early morning delivery service starting at 5:30am. Breakfast will be ready and delivered to your team when they arrive at the location, whether onsite or offsite.

Check out our breakfast selection 

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Off-Site service

We deliver to all your events. 

  • Are you at E3 but not at the convention center?
  • Hosting a demo party elsewhere?
  • We will deliver to your various locations. Hassle free integrated delivery management. 

Our meals are 100% VR compatible. 

While we haven't released our VR sandwich selection yet, our current menu is 100% VR compatible and safe. Eat comfortably knowing that the food you injest is 100% real and digestible. Gain +5 XP in-game and increase your longevity in the VR world. 

*Flavors remains delicious across VR platforms. 

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Good Heart Catering text and image block

We are a dedicated group of chefs and bakers here to serve you. Call us with any questions you may have.

  • Catering concierge service.

  • Experienced kitchen with a passion for baking, grilling and delivering goodies daily.

  • More than just making profit, we make a donation for a meal each order you place with the local food banks. (read more)

Serving Non-Profits

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