Seasonal Fruit Platter

Seasonal Fruit Platter

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A perfect addition to any meal, our seasonal fruit is available with fresh fruit cut into bite sized cubes.


Healthy and fresh fruit platter

Fruit for breakfast or lunch

Whether it's as a side for breakfast or lunch we always recommend adding fruit to your catering service. Fruit offers a great dose of glucose to keep energy levels going throughout your event. It is also our experience that fruit side makes a great snack that lasts beyond the initial meal serving. Fruits are delivered by local fruit vendors and prepared fresh before your order. 

We also offer a fruit and granola parfait, this includes blueberries and strawberries paired with honey granola and delicious sweetened yogurt. 

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What fruits comes with the fruit platter

Fruit availablity changes based on season. We generally include the fruits below.



Honey Dew




Fruit platter serving size

Our fruits are cut into small edible bite sized cubes and arranged beautifully

Serving size 6-10 includes enough fruit for about 15! Yes, this one includes a bit more

Serving size 10-20 includes enough fruit for 25-30! Yes this one as well can stretch to feed 25-30