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If you're looking for a caterer in Culver City, we offer delicious, chef driven meals to you.  Whether it be breakfast or lunch, our menu will satisfy your guests. 

Featuring an easy to use website to schedule your delivery.  Low minimums to Culver City.

We know planning your event  in  can take a lot of time and energy, and we’re here to help and make you look good. 

Our Culver city catering service is chef-driven using quality ingredients from local food artisans, and local vendors.  We offer value driven menu with an easy to use website to schedule your deliveries. 

We also offer ample choices for most dietary restrictions. (vegan, vegetarian, gluten free and pescatarian).

Your guests will love our catering


Last Minute Catering

Many of our options are available to order the day before and even day-of. Our catering concierge team is standing by to assist you with any last minute catering needs you may have headed to Culvery City. 

We know Culver City

We have a track record of 99.99% on time or early deliveries with our in-house logistics team. We don't rely on 3rd party services when your production schedule is critical. 


Dietary restrictions

It can be tough to serve large groups of people with various dietary requirements on set. Gluten-free, vegan, vegetarian, and pescatarian  options are all available as options on our menu.  We provide a range of options for everyone on your list.

Catering concierge

Our catering concierge is here to help with any aspect of your event dealing with food. They can plan and set a delivery up with just a single request. No need to deal with the details. 


Get Started Today

Make a memorable event with Good Heart Catering. 

Box lunch catering customers

Consistent and dependable

A good catering company values consistent and dependable service to keep your organization and event humming along. We are here to be your partner and to deliver our brand of goodness to your event.

Catering Culver City with amazing food

We are fantastic at:

 Crafting memorable meals

 Catering small and large events

 Time sensitive deliveries

 Delicious hand crafted food

Corporate Catering at it's best

LA's top employers consistently trust us to deliver delicious  catered meals in Los Angles. 

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About Good Heart Catering

We are LA's premier organizational caterer with a focus on consistent and dependable service. We believe that the food we cook in our kitchen brings people together in a way that sparks innovation and conversation. Our goal is to offer you and your organization best in class catering, presented in an easy to order format. 

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We are proud of the service and value we deliver 

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Breakfast Catering Culver City

Early service starting at 7:00 am

Breakfast trays & individually packed breakfast

Choose whichever fits your event

Sample of our Breakfast Trays
Sample of our Individual breakfast boxes

Our Culver City breakfast catering service offers fresh, innovative and classic dishes with scrambled eggs and fresh pastries for any occasion and we're always sure to satisfy your needs with our reliable staff of chefs who are ready to serve! View our full menu of self serve or individually packaged breakfast items for your next event. 

Robust and easy breakfast catering

Vegan scramble?

When you're vegan, breakfast can be a tricky meal to navigate. For some people this means the occasional pastry or smoothie from their favorite juice bar; however at Good Heart Catering we offer an amazing tofu scramble alternative that we substitute in place of eggs. 

View Full Breakfast Menu

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Early Breakfast Service

We serve breakfast catering as early as 7am, so you can start your day off right. We offer both individual and group buffet style services with options for any appetite - from those who prefer their eggs cooked to perfection all the way up through vegan diets!


Culver City Breakfast Catering

Our breakfast catering features:

 Early morning delivery

 Meals for everyone on your team

 Amazing recipes full of variety

 Dependable delivery

Our pastry partners

All of our baked pastries are delivered fresh from the venerable Brooklyn Bagel Bakery on Beverly and Bread LA.  

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Lunch Catering Culver City

Self service trays and platters

Lunch Catering Trays and Platters

Self service trays and platters

Sample of our Lunch Trays

Looking for a delicious and affordable way to feed a crowd? Our lunch catering trays and platters have you covered! From tasty sandwiches to skewers, we have everything you need to serve a mouthwatering meal. Plus, our combos on offer make it easy to quickly order and serve.  So why wait? Order your lunch catering today!

Hassle free a-la carte lunch catering

Create your perfect lunch

Our menu is a robust and flexible for you to mix and match many of the different items we have on offer. Or if you prefer, browse our combo packs with a combination of complimentary items packed together. Either way, your guests will love what's on offer. 

View Full Lunch Trays Menu

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Local and Fresh

Each meal is prepared using locally procured items from vendors we've worked with for nearly a decade. The idea of wonderful ingredients, passionate people come together at Good Heart Catering. 


Culver City Lunch Catering

Our lunch catering features:

 A-la carte menu options for custom orders

 Wide selection of choices

 Easy to setup and dispose of

 Unique recipes with wholesome ingredients

View our items in motion

We've made a few videos of our menu items for you to check out.

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Boxed Lunches

Individually packed and filled with goodies

Sample of our boxed lunch packages

Looking for a convenient, affordable way to feed your guests? Our Boxed Lunches are perfect! We offer a wide selection of delicious sandwiches, all served in individual boxes. Plus, we have several packages available to fit any budget. Whether you're planning a business meeting, party, or other event, our Boxed Lunches will take the hassle out of feeding your guests!

Socially distanced boxed lunch meals

A great idea for large orders

When you're serving large groups, it can be difficult to keep up with all the food. But our individually packed and labeled boxes make setup a breeze! They look good too - which is important for any occasion or event where presentation matters.

View Full Boxed Lunch Menu

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Multi-day event 

Our boxed lunches have helped countless multi-day events with a unique daily menu. When there are time constraints and lots of moving pieces, count on our boxed lunch service to alleviate the bottlenecks. 


Boxed lunches for convenience 

Our boxed lunch features:

 Easy to distribute

Packages for every budget

 Color coded and labeled for easy distribution

 Assorted varieties to fit all dietary needs*

Individually packed

Great for large events, but also available with low minimums. 

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         *our facility and our partners facilities use nuts in preparation of items. We cannot guarantee a nut free facility. 

Unity Meals

When you need more than sandwiches our unity meals make maximum culinary impact.

Sample of our unity individual meals

Looking for a way to break the ice and bring people together in the office or at your event? Unity Meals are here to help! Our individually-prepared meals are made with fresh, delicious ingredients and come in a variety of choices, perfect for any modern environment. Whether you’re looking for a healthy meal or something indulgent, we’ve got you covered – so come on, break bread with us!

Flavorful individual catered meals

5 Star Meals

Often times the situation calls for more than sandwiches for larger groups. In those cases we recommend our Unity meals. Our globally-inspired flavors will tantalize your taste buds and leave your guests surprised. Come see what all the fuss is about today!

View Full Individual Meals Menu

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A flavor for everyone

We've carefully cultivated a menu so that no one in your event feels left out. We offer vegan, vegetarian,  gluten free and pescatarian meals.


Individual culinary experience

Our unity individually packed meals

 Come with a sweet side

 Provide a finer culinary experience

 Easily labeled and stackable 

 Perfect for large groups

Individually packed

Wonderfully labeled and easily stackable

Childrens Institute


Get started with your order

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Timely delivery is a top priority

We understand the importance of your event and time schedules. Our primary concern is to get there in time to make your event flow smoothly. Our delivery staff and partners are trained in handling lunches and platters to ensure a delivery free from defects and on time. Each route is pre-planned and discussed prior to delivery to ensure no surprises. Trust Good Heart as your box lunch caterer in LA. 

Dependable Catering Delivery

Watch our food in motion on YouTube

Neighborhoods and event spaces we service in Culver City

Our delivery team-members know their way around.