Zorba Wrap Platter

Zorba Wrap Platter

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One of our favorite dishes from the Greek island is now available for you and your guests to enjoy. Stuffed with a seasoned vegetarian rice stuffing surrounded by a delicious grape leaf wrap served with our garlic infused yogurt sauce. Serves 20-30.


Bite sized Greek goodness

A vegan appetizer that all will enjoy

Stuffed grape leaves

For centuries those in the Mediterranean regions have enjoyed this simple yet delicious pairing of seasoned rice with grape leaves.  The Greeks called it the Dolmakadia, we call it the Zorba wrap platter. 

Although grape leaves can come stuffed with a variety of ingredient like beef, we chose to make our grape leaves with a vegan season riced recipe. We also whipped up a delicious  special garlic yogurt mix meant for your guests to use as a dip on top of the grape leaves. 

Try this one for your next event, we are sure your guests will love the bite sized flavor of the Mediterranean.

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Serving size details for the Zorba grape leaves platter

We include up to 60 individual pieces per order

Special garlic yogurt sauce 

This platter serves 20-30 individuals