Summer Field Salad

Summer Field Salad

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A summer special salad for your next event. Loaded with fresh strawberries, walnuts, premium feta cheese over a bed of mixed greens served with our very special Raspberry vinaigrette dressing.


Summer Field Salad

Strawberries on a salad tastes great

Whether in the summer of winter, strawberries always give off the fresh and sweet smell of summer. Which is why we named this salad "Summer field". A crunchy and semi sweet salad we include

  • Fresh sliced strawberries 
  • Halved walnuts from Torn and Glasser
  • Imported sheeps milk Feta cheese
  • Baby Mixed greens
And we serve it with a tangy raspberry dressing on the side. Try this salad for your next event and change the pace from the traditional garden variety salad. 
Summer Field Salad

Summer field salad serving size

Serving size 6-10 comes in a 96oz bowl and will serve up to 10 individuals as a side salad. 

Serving size 20-30 comes in a 360oz bowl and will serve up to 30 individuals as a side salad