Scrambled Egg Complete Breakfast Combo

Scrambled Egg Complete Breakfast Combo

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A breakfast combination made to serve 10. Includes scrambled eggs, premium bacon, fresh baked croissants, a bowl of fruit and coffee. A complete package ready to serve.


Scrambled Egg Buffet Catering

One breakfast combo covers it all

Simple to order and complete

We designed the scrambled egg combo to be a one click easy to order breakfast meal. It includes everything you will need to serve a group of ten individuals with a hearty and healthy breakfast meal. We include fruit, eggs, croissants, coffee and a protein with all necessary utensils. Simply choose your protein and we will deliver this delicious meal for you next breakfast event.  

Bread Los Angeles Bakery

What choices are available for the scrambled egg breakfast combo?

Only choose your choice of protein



Serving size details

What comes with the breakfast buffet combo?

  • 10 Mini croissants from our bakery partner Bread Los Angeles
  • Fresh scrambled eggs for 10
  • Seasonal fruit bowl for 10
  • Bacon or sausage for 10
  • Fresh brewed coffee (96oz) 8-10
  • Utensils and condiments for coffee and meal
  • This package serves 10 guests