Pinwheel Platter

Pinwheel Platter

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A classic pinwheel platter full of cold cuts wrapped in our selection of healthy wraps. Perfect for large groups as a finger food.


Classic Pinwheel Platter

Great as a finger food and for large groups. 

Perfect little bites

The pinwheel platter is a perfect way to serve a group with delicious finger foods. We feature four flavors of wraps ( tomato wrap, spinach wrap, wheat wrap and flour wrap ) using four of our favorite wrap recipes in this platter. Each wrap is cut into bite sized portions and served on a decorated tray. This platter looks beautiful and also tastes great. Add it as a side, appetizer or as a part of a buffet style meal. 

One other thing to mention about our pinwheel platter, if you are on a very tight budget, the pinwheel platter is the easiest way to stretch your budget to serve larger groups. We have helped many customers in such a situation where budgets were very tight but the group sizes were large. 

Pinwheel Platter Tray

Pinwheel tray options

We include the tray with 4 flavors

Vegetarian wrap

Turkey wrap

Ham and pepper jack wrap

Chicken caesar wrap

If you wish to customize your option or make modification, simply leave a note at checkout or contact a catering concierge. 

Serving size details

7 Wraps cut in to 7 pieces for approximately 49 bite sized pieces.

Serves approximately 20-25 individuals.