Mediterranean Hummus Platter

Mediterranean Hummus Platter

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A traditional vegan hummus platter served with 20 pita quarters. Serves 10-15 individuals.


Delightful as a snack or meal

Home made hummus with traditional toasted pitas. 

Creamy and flavorful 

One thing we know to be true is that hummus is a hit at any event. It comes in at #1 on our most popular and most frequently ordered side dish. 

Our delicious hummus platter is a traditional recipe served with authentic Mediterranean  pita bread cut in to bite sized pieces. Served with olive oil on the side, diced pickled turnips from Lebanon and a dash of herbs to top it off. 

Order the hummus platter either as a side or as a part of a "meze" ( combo of appetizers together to form a complete meal ) We recommend combining it with the  Zorba grape leaf wraps  as well as our couscous and chicken skewer combo  for a complete Mediterranean  meal experience. 


Serving size details

Hummus platter serves 10-15 individuals

Includes 20 1/4 pita pieces