Honey Granola Parfait Six Pack

Honey Granola Parfait Six Pack

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A delicious new addition to our menu. Serve as a part of your breakfast event or as after meal treat. Made with yogurt and a almond honey granola mix locally made by Torn and Glasser. Try this healthy parfait for your next event.


Honey Granola Parfait Individual Packs

A healthy and easy to distribute package of parfait buffet

We chose the best granola mix

Torn and Glasser has been manufacturing and harvesting delicious dried goods and nuts for over 90 years. It was an easy choice to make when we decided to include their honey granola with thinly sliced almonds in our individual parfait packs. To top off the granola we include fresh strawberries, blueberries and a low fat lightly sweetened yogurt. 

Honey Granola Parfait

What choices are available for the parfait packs?

Our honey granola parfait comes in two choices: buffet style or this six pack individual serving option. The individual serving is an easy to distribute option that has the honey granola, strawberries, blueberries and our lightly sweetened nonfat yogurt in a sealed non drip container ready to distribute to your guests. We recommend the individual option for larger events where a buffet style option simply isn't a practical choice. Consider pairing this with our boxed breakfast catering options. 

Serving size details

Available in quantities of 6 individual servings.