Honey Granola Parfait Buffet

Honey Granola Parfait Buffet

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A healthy breakfast buffet option which is served with honey almond granola by Torn and Glasser. Also served with diced strawberries, blueberries and our special yogurt blend.


Honey Granola Parfait Buffet Catering

A healthy breakfast buffet option

Granola by Torn and Glasser

Quality ingredients make for quality meals and it's no exception with our choice of granola. Since 1928 Torn and Glasser has been providing delicious dried goods and nuts with an exceptional taste. And for our granola parfait we chose their honey garnola with thinly sliced almonds to include in our offerings.

The granola buffet also comes with fresh strawberries and blueberries along withour special mildly sweet low fat yogurt blend. 

Honey Granola Parfait Catering

What choices are available for the parfait buffet ?

Our delicious and healthy parfait comes in two choices. Either a buffet style setup or an individual style setup. The buffet style is where each item: yogurt, fruit and granola are laid out seperatly and your guests can choose how much of each item to include in their parfait. Bowls and utensils are served with the order for each guest. 

 Our individual style choice comes in a platter with 6 parfait meals packed ready to be served. No need for guests to que up and make their own. Simply pickup and serve. 

Serving size details

10 serving size - includes 3 seperate bowls: yogurt, fruit, honey granola and cups and utensils for 10 

20 serving size - includes 6 seperate bowls: yogurt, fruit, honey granola and cups and utensils for 20