Harvest Snack Pack

Harvest Snack Pack

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A healthy snack option for your office. Serves about 10-15 and includes
Banana Chips
Dried Apricots
Dried Cranberries
Dried Mangos

*cookies sold separately.


Snacking keeps the team going

Energize your teammates with snacks.

Since 1928

Torn and Glasser has been a family owned operation for over 9 consecutive decades delivering a variety of nuts, dates, candy and dried fruits. Their selection, dedication to quality and flavor is why we chose them to be our exclusive dried goods provider. Our harvest snack pack features some of the most popular dried goods available from Torn and Glasser.  

Torn and Glasser

What's included in the Harvest Snack Pack ?

Almonds (unsalted) 1/2 lb

Peanuts (salted) 1/2 lb

Banana Chips 1/4 lb

Walnuts Halved 1/3 lb

Dried Apricots 3/4 lb

Dried Cranberries 1/2 lb

Cashews 1/2 lb

Dried Mangoes 12-16 slices

*cookies pictured are not included. 

To add the bite sized cooke platter click link. 

Serving size details

We estimate the snack tray to serve 10-15 individuals. 

Please bear in mind with snacks of this type it can be difficult to estimate exactly how many it will serve due to variations in individual consumption.  Experiment with your group.