Fresh Baked Platter

Fresh Baked Platter

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A platter of our carefully baked pastries. We include an assortment of danishes, cinammon rolls, croissants, muffins and chocolate crossants. Pastries can be cut in half into 18 pieces.


Fresh baked pastries directly from our bakery partners

Something for everyone in our breakfast basket

Early in the morning

We have had the opportunity to work with other bakers in our previous jobs and none of them frankly have come close to the flavor and variety that Bread Los Angeles provides to our customers. Each morning, early in the morning, bread la delivers exceptional baked goods for us to use in the delicious meals we deliver to you. The fresh baked platter itself includes a variety of pastries cut in half and arranged to present your guests for an sezty and energy packing breakfast meal. Pair it with some fruit,  coffee craft service and it's contintental breakfast heaven. 

Bread Los Angeles & Brooklyn Bagels

What choices are available for the pastry tray?

Butter croissant

Muffins (assorted flavors)

Danishes ( Cinnamon, cheese and apple)

Turnovers (apple and cheese)


Scones (blueberry and cranberry)

We include an  assortment of the most loved pastries for each platter, however if you would like to specify the pastry types, please leave a note at checkout or contact your catering concierge. 

Serving size details

6-10 size includes 18 half pastries

10-20 size includes 36 half pastries

All pastries are cut in half for serving. 

Bagels are no longer included in the fresh baked platter. To order bagels please see our brooklyn bagel tray catering options.