Brooklyn Bagel Egg Sandwich Platter

Brooklyn Bagel Egg Sandwich Platter

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Authentic Brooklyn Bagels made by the venerable company by the same name delivered fresh to you. This platter features an assortment of bagels with scrambled eggs, swiss cheese and an assortment of bacon, ham, turkey or veggie options.


LA's famous Brooklyn Bagels with Scrambled eggs

We would say they are the best in LA. 

Best Bagels in LA

At our retail location we have been serving jumbo Brooklyn Bagel Bakery bagels since 2003 and we didn't miss an oppurtunity to include them at Good Heart Catering.  Since 1953 Seymour Friedman has brought authentic and flavorful bagels to Los Aangeles' citizens and top restaurants. 

Considered by LA TImes one of the best bagels you can get your hands on

We pair these bagels with fresh scrambled eggs, a protein and cheese. 

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What choices are available with the bagel egg sandwiches?

We offer the egg sandwiches with four protein choices





If you leave it to us we will make a popular assortment which includes a few non meat options. Or if you would like to customize your choice, simply leave a comment at checkour or contact a catering concierge to modify your selection. 

Serving size details

Serving size 6-10 includes 12 half egg sandwiches

Serving size 10-20 includes 24 half egg sandwiches